Donations to the Foundation

The Deutsches Optisches Museum Foundation has been recognized as a civil law corporation. It promotes science and research as well as education and culture on a nonprofit basis.



The foundation capital raised by its founding patrons amounts to €500,000. Furthermore, the initiators have agreed to provide substantial donations for investments and to cover day-to-day running costs




The foundation is open to other partners (natural persons, companies, institutions). Donations and any other forms of financial support are much appreciated. You shall, of course, receive a donation receipt for your records.




Please contact us for information about the different ways you can support the Deutsches Optisches Museum Foundation. We would be happy to assist.

Bank Details

Stiftung Deutsches Optisches Museum

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IBAN: DE46 8207 0000 0633 0799 00


Stiftung Deutsches Optisches Museum


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