Tours for Preschools

A field trip to the Deutsches Optisches Museum allows even very young visitors to go on an exciting journey of discovery through the world of optics! Tours must be booked in advance and are available for a maximum of 15 children ages three or older (alternative arrangements possible – please contact us). We offer tours on the following topics:

Is there a man on the moon? – Astronomy for kids (ages 3-6)

The museum's mascot, Sammy the Hedgehog, piques the interest of young listeners with stories about planets and provides an entertaining look at our solar system.

Magnificent, marvelous lenses (ages 3-6)

Why do lenses look like flying saucers or soup plates? What do we use lenses for? And why exactly do we need two eyes? Sammy the Hedgehog answers all these questions with plenty of hands-on exhibits.

A journey into the past: Jena in the 19th century (preschoolers)

We go on a journey back in time: when there was no electricity and everything had to be made by hand. Like at Master Zeiss' workshop. How did he grind lenses back then? What did he use them for? Who were his friends Ernst and Otto? Children can discover and experience Jena's optical history for themselves.

Coloring Pages

Astronomy for kids
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Magnificent, marvelous lenses
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Journey into the Past
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