Educational Programs

For Preschools

On a field trip to the Deutsches Optisches Museum, even very young children can go on an exciting journey of discovery through the world of optics! >>>

For Grade Schools

With different programs available, we offer an exciting introduction to the world of optics specially designed for grade school students. >>>

For Middle Schools and High Schools

Our museum is a great place for learning outside of the classroom. We would be happy to customize your tour to accommodate the particular needs of your class(es) and the curriculum. >>>

Information for Teachers

We would like to show you the various ways our museum can help facilitate learning outside of the classroom. During a tour of our exhibits, students can learn about microscopes, the development of eyeglasses over seven centuries, telescopes, devices for studying the eye, camera lenses and peepshows – along with other exciting topics. We would be more than happy to organize the tour so that it best fits your students' ages and educational backgrounds.
You can book individual educational programs or combine them. It is also possible to use our educational programs with multiple classes. In this case, we can offer you up to four different subject-specific stations. It is very important to us that the design of each tour meets needs and expectations of our visitors.
For an overview and introduction to optics, we strongly recommend a visit to the "Historic Zeiss Workshop from 1866" in combination with an additional topic.
The suggestions for the individual grade levels are based on the curricula published by the Ministry of Education for the State of Thuringia. To help you plan your visit, please check out our curriculum-based educational programs:



We would ask that you and your students adhere to our Guidelines for Visiting the Museum. Please read these carefully!